Admission Requirements


48 semester credits with required classes*
Graduate of a two year program in Allied Health
A Bachelor’s Degree with required classes*

* Required classes are: Anatomy & Physiology with a lab, Biology with a lab and College Algebra

(The above courses must be at the college level. Any variation from above prerequisites must be approved by the Program Director.)


Successful completion of a background check through Package code for background check is LR28.

Background checks must be current for the full year of attendance. If
applying to the program more than 2 months in advance, please contact the
school to determine the date to request the background check.


All immunizations completed including:

  • 2 MMR’s
  • Series of 3 Hepatitis B, (takes 7 months to complete)
  • Varicella
  • TB Test must be done within last 12 months
  • Flu Shot during current flu season (Not required
    before enrollment, school will determine due date according to current flu season.)
  • and

    2 Reference Letters (from employer, professor or close family friend)


    Official College Transcripts from *ALL* colleges attended