Faculty & Staff

Gregory Davis

Gregory M. Davis
BS Administrative Director

J. Crittenden

J. Jay Crittenden
MD, FACR, FAIUM Medical Director

Tracy Posey

Tracy Posey
AS, RDMS (AB, BR), Clinical Coordinator

Christy Vest
AS, DMS, Administrative Assistant

Jan Tholen

Jan Tholen
Financial Aid Director

Todd Pearson

Todd A. Pearson
BS, RDMS (AB, OB, BR), RVT, Program Director,
Instructor, Abdomen, Vascular and Physics

Bob Rollins

Bob Rollins
BAS, RDCS, RDMS (AB, OB, BR), RVT, Instructor, Echocardiography, OB/GYN

Shonda Hemby
BS, RDMS (OB, AB), RVT, Scanning Instructor


Board of Directors

Gregory M. Davis, BS, ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR, Full-time – BIO

Advisory Committee

J. Jay Crittenden, MD, FACR, FSRU, FAIUM
Gregory M. Davis, BS – BIO
Todd Pearson, BS, RDMS, (AB, OB, BR), RVT – BIO
Tracy Posey, AS, RDMS, (AB, BR) – BIO
Christine Brown, RDMS, (AB, OB/GYN, BR), RVT (VT)
Drew Greenwell, RDCS, RVT
Jordan Helms, RDMS (OB/GYN)
Jack Robertson, RDCS
Peter Tran, RDMS, RDCS, RVT
Tony Nguyen, RDCS, RVT
Jan Tholen