Florida Institute of Ultrasound, Inc.


The school originally began in 1976, with a single classroom in a local hospital. At that time, it was known as the School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Today, as we celebrate our 46th year in ultrasound education, the school has grown to over 4,800 square feet, and now utilizes multiple clinical affiliates. The name changed to Florida Institute of Ultrasound, Inc., in 1979.

Location / Facilities

The Florida Institute of Ultrasound, Inc, and it’s governing body are located at 8800 University Parkway, Suite A-4, Pensacola, Florida. The building consists of a single story structure which includes office spaces, library facilities, two classrooms, six scanning rooms, eight restrooms, and a media suite.

A wide variety of equipment, located at the school and it’s clinical affiliates, is available to expose the student to all aspects of ultrasound. Every month, more than 4,000 exams are performed at local affiliates in the areas of Abdomen, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Echocardiography, Venous, Arterial, Carotid, Power Doppler, and Small parts.


The mission of the Florida Institute of Ultrasound, Inc. is to provide a quality education in the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography: integrating didactic and practical clinical experience in order to produce graduates who are qualified and competent to fill the market need for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

Program Aims

The program aims to develop competent and professional ultrasonographers, who are proficient to enter the field of diagnostic medical ultrasound, and are capable of passing the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers examination, and have a high degree of adaptability in a rapidly advancing field. A further aim of the program is to develop qualities of leadership: which are a prerequisite to teaching and supervision in the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.


It is the express intent of Florida Institute of Ultrasound, Inc. to provide a current and well-rounded course of study in the ever-expanding field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The faculty and staff will provide updated material and relevant audiovisual presentations as part of the curriculum. It is our goal to provide an educational format, both didactic and clinical, that will be flexible enough to incorporate new data while remaining dedicated to the basic fundamentals of ultrasound. Finally, it is our goal to instill a desire for continued growth in diagnostic medical sonography, along with being able to compose and submit technical articles In this way, each student can contribute to the theory and practice of the field of ultrasound.


It is the objective of the Florida Institute of Ultrasound, Inc. to provide an extensive study of ultrasound principles and instrumentation and to teach various scanning techniques. We will provide the student with the basic knowledge to evaluate pertinent clinical data and recognize disease entities in order to produce a diagnostically significant exam.

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