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Over the years thousands of students from all over the world have graduated from the Florida Institute of Ultrasound. Students have come from over 30 states as well as Canada, the West Indies and Saudi Arabia. See what these students have to say about FIU below.

I am currently the Ultrasound Manager for the Southwest Region at MobileX USA based in Dallas, TX. I am responsible for 26 sonographers spread throughout Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana, I’m on the Board of Directors for a Healthcare College in Ft Worth as well a Registered Vascular Technologist through ARDMS.

I highly recommend FIU to anyone interested in sonography as their career choice. I learned so much from my instructors and peers that allowed me to further myself in the “work world”. FIU is well known with employers and I know firsthand, if you can make it through the program you’re an All-star.

Emily Simmons, RVT
Mobilex USA
Carrollton, Texas
Graduated June 2015

Having graduated from a vascular sonography program prior to attending the program, I can attest to FIU’s unique and remarkable ability to successfully teach 4 modalities in 12 months. My radiology director was shocked at my competent and comprehensive scanning abilities and upon offering me a job explained that rarely does he hire on the first interview. My versatile ultrasound skills are without a doubt because of the Florida Institute of Ultrasound.

Evan Benjamin, RDMS, RVT
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY
2012 Graduate

I went to FIU in September 2009. I truly believe that it was one of the best decisions I have made. Not only is the curriculum challenging, but the clinical sites are beyond expectations. Florida Institute of Ultrasound has prepared me to come into a hospital setting and be able to step right in and scan all five modalities. The staff is very knowledgeable and continue to keep in touch with you even after you graduate. I not only got a certificate while going to school at FIU, but I also got a second family. I recommend this school to anyone who asks.

Jasmine Jordan, DMS
Lead Ultrasound Tech
Bolivar Medical Center, Cleveland, MS
September 2009 Graduate

Since graduating from FIU in Sept 2009, I’m currently employed as an echo tech in TN. The training and knowledge that I received from FIU has really prepared me for a great and successful future in ultrasound. The thing that makes FIU the absolute best ultrasound school is the caring and supportive staff who are always there to give you that extra little boost of confidence needed to be a successful and productive sonographer.

Anthony Stallworth, DMS
2009 Graduate

The training and education I have received at FIU is invaluable. I felt really prepared and confident beginning my career as a sonographer.

Brandi Boudreaux, DMS
January 2003 FIU Graduate

As an Application Specialist with Siemens Medical Systems, Ultrasound Division, I realize that the FIU has played an integral part in my professional career. The school provided me with the skill to not only perform a job, but to build a challenging career.

Debi Kennedy, RDMS,
Siemens Medical Systems, Atlanta, GA,
1990 FIU Graduate

I am currently working for a Cardiothoracic Surgeon performing X-ray, Vascular Ultrasound, and Echocardiograms. This position would not have been available to me without the education I acquired from FIU.

Zeke Eldridge, RT, RDMS, RVT
Lafayette General Medical Center, Lafayette, LA
1995 FIU Graduate

FIU was a great place for me to learn and grow as a person. It taught me to be more independent, more determined, and to always do my personal best. My experience at FIU was nurturing because everyone made it their best interest to help everyone to excel. If there was anything that I needed, everyone was glad to be of any assistance, for that I thank you! I graduated in December ‘06 and not too long after (Feb ‘07), I got a job as an OB tech in VA.

Darcia Encarnacion
2006 Graduate

Since graduating from the Florida Institute of Ultrasound in 1982, I have enjoyed success that exceeds all of my hopes and dreams.

Joseph Seaman, RDMS, RDCS, RVT
President, Seaman Ultrasound, Newnan, GA
1982 FIU Graduate

I will never forget the lessons learned nor the professional and personal growth acquired during my training at FIU. I am currently the clinic administrator for a mobile vascular lab in which I was instrumental in starting 13 years ago. I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity.

Tom Baggett, RDMS, RDCS., RVT., BS
CVT Surgical Center, Baton Rouge, LA
1983 FIU Graduate

FIU has given me the opportunity for a challenging career that is on the cutting edge of new technology. Working in the ultrasound field is very exciting!

Kelly Stewart. RDMS
Baptist Hospital, Heart Center
Pensacola, FL
1994 FIU Graduate

I graduated from FIU in 1981. Since that time, I have worked in our local hospital and have become registered in several areas. I am in the process of starting my own mobile ultrasound business. I truly enjoyed the time I spent at the school beginning my career in ultrasound.

Randy Arnold, RDMS, RVT, RDCS
Troy, AL
1981 FIU Graduate

FIU gave me a wonderful foundation to build my career on. My co-workers are very impressed with my job performance so far since my training in 1996. I am grateful for having had the opportunity of attending your institute.

Sonia Charles, RT, RDMS
Riyadh Armed Force Hospital
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
1996 FIU Graduate

I wish to further my education at FIU due to the recommendations and information I gained through contacting ultrasound departments of all main hospitals in the Panhandle. Three-fourths of the personnel I spoke with had graduated from your institution. Your school helped to build solid careers for so many students, that I wish to also attend your school.

Prospective FIU student, Chipley, FL

I was grateful for the hands-on experience I had at FIU while learning ultrasound. I was able to begin a job in ultrasound at a level that impressed my employers. I find the field exciting and certainly challenging. Thank you FIU.

Susan Anderson, Fairmont, MN
January 2001 Graduate

I spent a lot of time researching ultrasound programs and FIU was the best choice by far. The experience and knowledge I acquired from FIU is exactly what I needed to land a job. I spent the first year after graduation working in cardiovascular ultrasound at Baptist Hospital. My wife had a great opportunity in Lincoln, NE so our family relocated. There were no cardiovascular sonographer positions available in Lincoln, but there was a position in radiology. If it were not for the solid education provided to me from FIU, I would not have been able to jump right in and work doing abdomen, small parts, neurosonology, and OB/GYN. I was very pleased with the education provided to me and I really miss the instructors and staff.

Donald LaFleur BS, RDCS
2004 Most Outstanding Student
and FIU Graduate

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