Graduate Evaluation of FIU

Provide valuable insight to the staff at FIU by completing this 5-minute survey. (If you answer below a 2, please explain in the comment section.)

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1. Were you informed of applicable credentialing requirements? *

2. Did the classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences prepare you for employment? *

3. Were you satisfied with your educational training? *

4. Do you feel that enough time was spent on each subject taught? *

5. Was there enough detail in the program? *

6. Did the program prepare you for an entry level position? *

7. Were the instructors knowledgeable in the areas taught? *

8. Do you feel you received adequate scanning instruction? *

9. Were the faculty and staff supportive of you throughout your education? *

10. Would you recommend the school to someone? *

11. How would you improve the school?


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